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Understanding Roles – Working together for better End of Life Care – Educational Film

Understanding Roles came about as a result of a key issue raised during the Skills for Care ‘Working with Champions’ workshops, when talking about the issues around Social and Health services working together – many people didn’t understand the roles involved in End of Life Care, or how they needed to interact.


Although ‘Understanding Roles’ isn’t able to cover all the roles – as there are so many and varied professions and services that can contribute to EoLC – the film identifies the core roles and services, and how they should work together, and how they fit around and support the person receiving care.


The film was scripted from a series of research papers developed by Jo Black of National Council for Palliative Care, who had been involved in the Skills for Care workshops. To link it back to the core film in the ‘Working Together’ training package, ‘It Helps to Talk’, Flix cast several of the roles with actors who had performed similar roles in that film. The person speaking for those receiving care is a wonderful gentleman (Mr D Parmar) who had assisted us during the preparation for ‘It Helps to Talk’ by spending time with our actor and director,  offering frank and open information on life with Motor Neurone Disease, which was invaluable in portraying it accurately. Flix is very grateful for his involvement in both films, and the lovely support of both him and his partner / carer.


Each piece was filmed before a green screen, allowing us to place the filmed footage into the graphics and provide a modern and visually engaging way to represent the information. The film was also structured to allow for web site embedding and interactive menu access to each piece.


If you would like more information on the ‘Working Together for better EoLC’ training program, or other materials provided by Skills for Care, please click HERE.


Director: Leon Ancliffe

Cinematographer: Jamie Hooper

Script / Assistant Producer: Abbey Kay

Research / Initial Script development: Jo Black (NCPC)

Graphics: Andy Crist

Editor: Jamie Hooper

Cast: Ava Hunt, Candice Onyeama, Debra Baker, David Vaughan Knight, Ian Recordon, Jane McDowell, Meena Rayann, Vanessa White-Smith.


Skills for Care