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‘It Helps to Talk’ – Drama

The aim of the film ‘It Helps to Talk’ is to highlight some of the real consequences in End of Life Care when communication breaks down, especially between social and health care providers. Flix was involved from the very conception, assisting in facilitating a series of workshops held by Skills for Care that brought together ‘champions’ in EoLC – people receiving care, their carers, and key members of the social and health care services.


From the workshops came a range of personal stories of issues resulting from communication breakdowns, and the groups worked together to identify ways in which those problems can be addressed, both systemically and through behaviours in delivering service.


Flix’s development team took those stories and messages and created an original script that encompassed some of the core issues and resolutions, to graphically demonstrate in human terms the impacts on a family experiencing EoLC.


We filmed over five days in London, with a fantastic cast and crew.  It will form part of a larger training package titled ‘Working Together for Better End of Life Care’. If you would like more information on the package, please visit Skills for Care’s website HERE.


Key Credits

Produced by Skills for Care and Flix Films Ltd

In Partnership with Skills for Health and Health Education North Central & East London (HENCEL)

Director – Leon Ancliffe

Assistant Producer – Abbey Kay

Production Manager – Andy Kubat

Production Coordinator – Joshua Fairbairn

Screenplay by – Jamie Hooper & Leon Ancliffe

Technical Advisor – Joanna Black, National Council for Palliative Care


Pippa – Tayo Elesin

Kathy – Candice Onyeama

Jo – Ava Hunt

David – Idris Sobande

Susan (Carer 1) – Rachel Guershon

Debra (Carer 2) – Claire Cogan

Doctor 1 – Dr Shah Tauzeeh, Paramedic 1 – Tom Bonington, Paramedic 2 – Gayle Richardson, Nurse in Hospital – Debra Baker, Doctor in Hospital – Joanna Black, Dip Parmer – himself.


Skills for Care