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The world of Virtual Reality is new and everyone is getting excited about it. But for a lot of people, VR is just an acronym, and without actually experiencing it, it’s hard to understand what VR actually is, or to see the vast potential it has; Flix Films is here to help.

We can offer hands-on VR experience sessions using some of the very best equipment available, on site, at a time that suits you.

We offer two types of VR experience sessions:

Management/Decision-maker/Staff Experiences

These sessions are designed to demonstrate VR to your organisation. No matter what type of business you’re in, VR has the potential to assist. Whether you want to explore innovative training needs, discover new ways of sharing your information, or are involved in various health or community care services, we can give you and your team a guided taste of the impact VR can have.

From small 1-2 person experiences to groups of up to 10 at a time, our VR experience sessions include an introductory talk on VR, explanation and basic operations training on our Google Daydream headsets, a short series of experience films selected from our curated public content playlists, and a Q&A session after, where we can assist you with any other information your team might need.

Person in Care / Patient / Resident Experiences

Virtual Reality can offer people confined or restricted through health issues the chance to re-connect with the world. Whether it’s revisiting a past activity or location, or trying something entirely new, our VR taster sessions can open up new experiences in a controlled, one on one guided session.

After completing a simple form to help us tailor the session to each participant, our team member will carefully step each person through their VR experience session. And with our remote monitor system, it’s possible for carers or our team member to control the session for those with limited physical abilities.

Our on-site experiences are available, one on one, for a minimum of 3 participants – maximum 6 participants per day, but we can also organize multi-day sessions on request. Individual sessions (single user) can also be quoted if required.