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Offering new technology services to engage, inform, and inspire …

Flix are embracing Virtual Reality (VR), allowing you to take full advantage of this advancing technology, producing interactive experiences that are second to none. We can partner with you in research programmes, deliver VR experiences and create bespoke VR content; which includes, VR Tours, custom VR content and create ‘REEL Scenarios’ for training your staff.

Our passion drives us to create Virtual Reality content that makes a difference.

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360° Content Development

From our custom Flix VR simulation training content to a 360 dance extravaganza, producing quality VR content is still a new and challenging process. We are part of a research program aimed at identifying what works, what moves people, and how best to film it. These learning’s guide all our original content development, utilising our state-of-the-art 360° camera platform and the use of full 360 ambisonics audio.



Experience Sessions

The applications for 360° VR content is growing every day, but how do you explore the possibilities without really understanding the power of an immersive experience?


Our VR Experiences  can demonstrate VR content using state-of-the-art equipment (for up to 10 people at a time) in a WiFi free environment. Our team can guide you through a tailored VR session that will allow you to understand it first-hand. For more information and pricing please contact us below.


We have also sifted through 1000s of hours of existing VR content and developed some exciting playlists, to encourage users to experience the best of what is currently available and engage in this new platform.

Live Streaming

There’s nothing quite like being there – but if you can’t actually be there, what can beat a real time 360° VR live stream or VR Tour that lets you, your family, your group, your class, or your staff, be part of the action or event as it happens?


Our camera technology can operate with minimal impact on location, and deliver an unmatchable ‘being there’ experience streamed directly to you.

VR Training Simulations

For nearly 10 years we’ve been creating effective 2 dimensional training films, so we are very keen to try something new with exciting 360° VR technology!   

We  create VR Training Simulations that improve employee performance and quickly equips them with an enhanced skill set to take on real life situations. Content that allow a ‘hands on’ experience, and deliver exceptional engagement, skills building, and information retention.

Our VR camera platform can remotely record training sessions in full 360° – allowing learners to ‘be in the seat’ from wherever they are in the world.