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Field and Flower – Corporate Promotion

Field and Flower is a unique company providing high quality, rare breed and game meats all over the UK through a ‘to the door’ box delivery service. Their story is one of dedication to the land and best practice in animal husbandry, and wanting to bring those values, and amazing quality meat products, to people who might otherwise not have access to them.


Getting to know both James Mansfield and James Flower (and Molly the farm dog / supervisor) we knew it was important to find a way to use film to connect more people with the amazing work they’re doing, as we have such high regard for the standards their business embodies.


We started by studying the company, learning about their origins, where they’ve taken the business so far, and where they hope to go. From there we spent a day with them at a major food fair, watching and filming how they interact with customers, but more importantly, talking to customers about their experience of the service and quality Field and Flower offer. Then we took a small film crew out to Somerset and spent a fantastic day on the farms – talking to the farmers and seeing the proof of what Field and Flower do with our own eyes (and a very nosy camera lens).


It wasn’t hard to find passionate, honest testimonial for the edit; everyone involved with Field and Flower, from suppliers to customers, has something wonderful to say about them. Cut tightly with some amazing general views of the farms and animals, these testimonials tied in neatly with the story the two Jameses tell about Field and Flower.


Field and Flower