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Sandford Station (St Monica Trust) – Promotional Film

Flix worked with St Monica Trust to develop a plan and creative concept to produce a series of Promotional Films covering all their key retirement and health care facilities.


Located in the area around Bristol in the South West, St Monica Trust has a long history of providing outstanding and diverse specialist health care, retirement, and sheltered accommodation facilities, from their foundation facility at Cote Lane (established in 1925 by Henry and Monica Wills), through to their newly approved redevelopment of the historic Cadbury building.


Our aim was to find the essential, unique personality of each facility, and through the voices of those who reside there, and those who support the residents, tell a story that would encourage people to visit and engage with the facility, and feel immediately comfortable and ‘at home’.


The first film features the facility at Sandford Station, a lovely site with ties to the original railway station, and set in beautiful rural surroundings.


Our team spent two days on location at Sandford Station, following our preliminary research trips, working with the residents and support staff to capture meaningful and genuine material that reflects the services, lifestyle, and support facilities that the site has to offer.


If you would like to learn more about Sandford Station, please click HERE.


St Monica Trust