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Virtual Reality Training – Challenging Behaviour – Angry Relative.

In this experience the viewer is in the role of the healthcare professional.

This scenario features an angry relative approaching a healthcare professional. He is angry that he wasn’t told sooner that his Mum’s health had deteriorated and that he wasn’t able to be there when she died.

This scenario can be used to support learning and reflection on managing relatives expectations, making and communicating difficult decisions, and ethical issues around resource allocation. It offers the opportunity to discuss the importance of communication as well as how to communicate with those who are angry and challenging of decision making.


Potential learning / discussion points


  • How the decision not communicate can impact relative bereavement
  • How the relative is feeling
  • How to prepare for the conversation
  • What responses might have been made
  • How should the conversation be closed?
  • What actions might be taken after the conversation


“Royal Trinity Hospice is extremely proud to have worked with Flix Films on this ground breaking training material”.



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