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What are REELS
eality Enhanced Experiential Learning Scenarios?

REELS are real life scenarios that use risk free Virtual Reality to enhance staff training by immersing them within a believable experience. These training scenarios are tailored around your service needs and staff role objectives.


By using our authentic ‘REELS’ your staff will feel more confidence when faced with real life situations and act and react in a more skilled and calculated way… delivering positive, training results.


REELS are designed to give the best available sensory experience, through vision and sound, re-creating emotional real life experiences, previously impossible in training.

The next evolution of simulated training

Why is learning with REELS so much better than traditional teaching methods?


The brain interprets REELS as real life experiences


Real life experiences are the best way to learn and remember, resulting in more effective training


REELS heatmap analytics provides solid reflective data to help understand user experience and where further training is required

Is your training doing what you want it to?

We’ve been around for 10 years making training films for people like you, and we know that excellent training makes all the difference. So when we felt an emotional connection to Virtual Reality, we recognised how this technology could bring our training films to life.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            REELS is the perfect immersion tool to improve employee performance and quickly equip them with an enhanced skill set to take on real life situations. Faced with challenging, fully researched scenarios, users feel more confident, have an improved response and feel more prepared.

REELS is revolutionising training for some of our most important public services!


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‘REELS brings a new depth to our training, which empowers our staff in a safe and effective way …
It has been a fantastic addition in training for us, thank you!’


Dallas Pounds, CEO, Royal Trinity Hospice

‘Flix VR training content has provided us a safe and immersive experience in a way you cannot achieve with the written word or in a classroom, it’s has been a fantastic addition in training for us’

Dallas Pounds, CEO, Royal Trinity Hospice

REELS can train employees in a variety of areas

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